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125 Ways to Go Green and Save Green at the Same TimeMy ebook 125 Ways to Go Green and Save Green at the Same Time will be available for free from March 25 through March 29.

You do not need to own a Kindle in order to read Kindle books. I don’t own one, but Amazon makes it possible to download software to your computer, your notebook, or your smart phone.  Amazon also has a program that makes it highly beneficial to authors to publish exclusively for the Kindle platform.

It therefore offers thousands of ebooks, including mine, that are not available anywhere else—at least, not electronically.

My first ebook

Last summer I learned about the Kindle Direct Publishing program and decided to give it a try. And I knew just where to start. Some time earlier, I had acquired an ebook with “private label rights” that I thought I might use as a giveaway for people to people who would subscribe to my newsletter.

Unfortunately, it was a terrible book. It had 125 tips, but some of them didn’t make much sense to me. Besides being badly written, most of the best tips contained unsubstantiated statistics and claims.  So I wrote my own free report, with 12 tips.

But when I decided to try my hand at writing an ebook for Kindle, that turkey proved just what I needed for a structure.

  • I got rid of about a third of the weaker tips and found better ones.
  • I looked up all of the statistics. As I suspected, none of them were accurate, so I updated them.
  • I incorporated links to my sources as part of the book. That way, anyone can verify the accuracy of my claims and find additional information as well.
  • I rearranged the tips into a more logical order.

In other words, I had bought the rights to sign my name to a book that wasn’t even worth giving away for free. I used that bad book as the basis for writing a good book, which probably still has several sentences of the original prose, some of the original headings, but is otherwise brand new.

Free for five days!

I knew how to write a good book, and uploading it to Kindle is pretty easy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about promoting it. I announced it on Facebook and Twitter, but all I did here on the blog was put up a link in the sidebar.

I really want people to read it, so I’m offering it free for five days next week. I would be delighted if 10,000 people get it free! That still leaves millions of people to find and buy it later.

If you’re reading this post on March 21-24 and want the book right now, go ahead and order it. But if you come back Monday, it will be free.

If you’re reading this post during the free time, get it now! If you missed the free period, it’s only $2.99. Get it now!

And if you like it, please write a review.

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