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  1. David,

    I recently found your blog and I can certainly appreciate the balanced view you take (though I’m sure there are plenty of things we could debate about). I agree that every positive action should be seen as such, not just scolded for not being enough. It’s a balance though, because the truth is it’s not enough. Even after things like the Clean Air and Clean Water Act, the nature of our air and natural waterways are still in a great need of help–certainly better, but confusingly poor for a first world country. After a while, the “I’m doing my part” bit is either true or not and the truth of it is based on what those efforts (or lack thereof) leave us with.

    “I have yet to hear any action that some say is necessary to combat climate change that is not also necessary for some other environmental reason. Many of these actions have personal benefits that have nothing to do with the environment.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I think the environmental lobby made a mistake when it put all it’s eggs in the climate change basket. What we should be teaching and advocating for is sustainability. Like you said, there are a huge number of topics under the umbrella of sustainability with each being more important to different groups of people in different parts of the country, but in all cases progress on any of them probably have positive results for climate change as well.

    What I don’t subscribe to is the misconception of people that think sustainability is a technological fix to a wasteful lifestyle. The danger in this perception is that it lets people think that with enough gadgets and gizmos they can basically live the same way they’re living now and all problems will be fixed.

    On the contrary, sustainability is the lifestyle. It’s not a product, it’s a mentality that revolves around the idea of balance and stasis where in the inflows of energy equal the outflows (as you touch on a bit on your home page). I agree that everyone isn’t a die hard green-living missionary and that we don’t all have to be. On the other hand, change to our lifestyle is required in order to achieve any meaningful change for the biosphere (which is in our best interest).

  2. Thank you. I agree entirely that sustainability is a lifestyle change and not a technological quick fix. I”m hoping that putting my eggs in different baskets from so many other environmentalists will give my readers the information and encouragement they need to start making those changes.

    Now that you’ve discovered me, don’t be a stranger. 🙂

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