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Using borax for clean, healthy hair — 7 Comments

  1. Boy you learn something new everyday. My use to use it. Maybe she use it on her hair. She had beautiful hair. I know we clean and wash with mule team borax. Best to go back to the good old product without chemicals. Thank you

  2. Using super hot water to maximize dissolving the Borax will also unfortunately leach chemicals from the plastic container. Best to use glass jars and make smaller amounts.

  3. Thanks, Claudia. What about ordinary hot tap water? The borax won’t dissolve as completely, but a good shake from time to time keeps undissolved borax from clumping into a solid chunk. I would be afraid of a glass jar near the bathtub/shower, especially if I ever have to handle it with wet hands.

  4. Thank. You for explaining how to do the shampoo. I recently had Threadworm and mainstream drugs could not get rid of it (Mebendazole – Ovex) despite it working with 99% of the population, so getting desperate turned to herbs and came across Dr. Hulda Clark who is actually blowing my mind away with what I am learning and it is she who recommends using the borax. Everyone will benefit from reading her book, The Cure for all Diseases. It has led me to believe that the 21st century is making me ill. We are bombarding ourselves with pollutants from nearly every source imaginable. I feel so much better from following her advice already that I cannot underestimate the book enough for anyone wanting to get back to a non polluted life. Best Wiishes.

  5. Could you just put borax in your shampoo? At the moment I use Faith in Nature shampoo with activated charcoal in it and my hair is loads better than without the charcoal…… I’m wondering if borax would help even more…?

  6. Good question, Kate. I don’t have an answer. If you try it out, let us know what you did and how well it worked.

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