Energy Efficient Countries – An Infographic

Contributed by Tane Clark

With the signing of the recent COP21 agreement in Paris, the environment and climate change are firmly at the top of the world agenda and rightly so. Without action, our world will continue to have problems with world temperatures and climates.

Every country in the world and even every individual have a responsibility to take action when it comes to the environment. It’s for the sake of our futures and with every small change, a movement of attitude can be formulated too which will help to educate the planet’s future population.

Over the years there was a reluctance to accept that the damage done to the environment was man-made but this has now been accepted following many years of scientific research.

This infographic from highlights those countries that have made the “charts” in terms of being environmentally responsible. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) made these awards in 2014 and it’s important to know what countries are taking the position seriously. Check it out below and learn the criterion involved in these countries being awarded their positions and also find out what those countries are doing to achieve better levels of environmental responsibility.

Editor’s note: I have often expressed skepticism in this space of the usefulness of climate change as an issue. At least in the US, we are not communicating about it, just screaming past each other. I have also said that everything necessary to mitigate with climate change is also necessary for other reasons.

The infographic below is noteworthy for the absence of any English-speaking country from its list of the eight most energy efficient countries–which includes China. The top score is 65/100, a D on most grading scales. The Europeans and Asians have not set the bar too high for us. Whatever our reasons, let’s each do our own part to conserve energy and encourage friends, family, and governments to get in on the act.


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