Your eco-friendly garden

It’s March. You’ve started to think about your garden, haven’t you? It’s probably not trying to plant yet, but it certainly time start planning.

Perhaps you intend to plant same vegetables you’ve always planted. Or perhaps you’re thinking of planting your first garden. Maybe you only want to plant flowers and shrubbery.

Some ways of planting and caring for a garden are more eco-friendly than others.

If you’re a first-time gardener, the following infographic will give you pointers for how to start your garden without using unnecessary and harmful chemicals. It will also give you ideas for taking care of your grass.

If you’re an experienced gardener who has not followed sustainable gardening practices before, the infographic will show you how to do things differently. If you are a veteran at sustainable gardening, the infographic will probably show you a few tricks you don’t already know.

Did you know that you can plant combinations of vegetables together so they will both produce more? Did you know that you can keep pests away from some plants by combining them with plants that repel those pests?

Some insects are pests, but you need others, especially butterflies and bees. You can do things that will make good habitats for both of these insects, although you’ll need to do them in different parts of the garden. The two don’t like all of the same conditions or plants. Neither one of them like pesticides.

It’s better to discourage the pests from coming to your garden in the first place and create an environment that the good insects will like.

The infographic also shows a case study of how an entire district in London adopted eco-friendly gardens that improved the lives of everyone who lives there.

So plan not only what to grow, but how to grow it so that you have the most beautiful and healthy garden you have ever had.

Infographic provided by Capital Gardening Services.

Ecofriendly-Garden infographic

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