How to design and buy products with the planet in mind

Contributed by Tara Gould [Editor’s note: Our consumerist culture, with its planned obsolescence, directly causes our current crisis in waste disposal. The US is not alone in the unfortunate habit of buying way too much and then discarding it with … Continue reading

Revisiting energy innovations: a progress report, sort of

In the four years or so I have been writing this blog, I have written several promising innovations in alternative energy. I wondered, whatever happened to those ideas? This post looks back at my reports from 2012 and earlier. Some … Continue reading

What has become of the promise of biofuel?

In a way, coal, natural gas, and petroleum are biofuels. They come from once-living beings now fossilized. The ancients around the Mediterranean used olive oil for fuel. That’s more what we think of as biofuel. Today, the most-touted biofuels are … Continue reading

Enough about climate change!

I just read yet another tiresome article by someone dismissing corporate efforts at sustainability. After all, they weren’t addressing climate change or global warming! Some companies are redesigning their entire transportation system to save fuel. Some companies are working to … Continue reading