A modest proposal for a better economic and environmental future

We love to play the blame game in this country, don’t we? In any crisis or disaster, we can count on finger pointing. Various people will blame big business, big labor, immigrants, Republicans, Democrats, the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, … Continue reading

Are we prepared? Man-made and natural threats in the environment.

Astronomers predict an increase in solar activity that will at best interrupt our electrical and electronic infrastructure in the coming years. Is America ready? Does anyone really need to follow the link to know the answer? As a society, and … Continue reading

Water resources and water usage: have we hit peak water?

In the familiar debate over the future of oil exploration, peak oil means the point at which extraction of oil has reached its maximum. At that point, remaining deposits become increasingly inaccessible, and so extraction rates must decline. Life after … Continue reading

The cost of convenience in trash collection

I’m dating myself here, but as child growing up in the late 1950s, I remember my mother carefully wrapping the garbage (food wastes) in newspapers every night and putting them in the garbage can by the garage. A company emptied … Continue reading