Water resources and water usage: have we hit peak water?

In the familiar debate over the future of oil exploration, peak oil means the point at which extraction of oil has reached its maximum. At that point, remaining deposits become increasingly inaccessible, and so extraction rates must decline. Life after … Continue reading

The cost of convenience in trash collection

I’m dating myself here, but as child growing up in the late 1950s, I remember my mother carefully wrapping the garbage (food wastes) in newspapers every night and putting them in the garbage can by the garage. A company emptied … Continue reading

The cost of convenience: drive-throughs

Convenience is expensive. For as long as I recall, and probably generations earlier than that, advertisers have promised that their products will save time. We all know how that turned out. Gas or electric stoves and ovens, refrigerators, washing machines … Continue reading

Saving the planet and our health at the same time

In a previous post, I pointed out similarities between the obesity epidemic and our addiction to oil. As we burn more oil, our air becomes less healthy. We cannot produce enough ourselves and have to buy it from countries that … Continue reading

On stimulating innovation in green energy

The quest for green energy seems strongly bound to the politics of global warming and climate change. I find that unfortunate. The earth’s climate has gotten warmer over the past two centuries. Abundant evidence exists, from scientific measurements to the … Continue reading