How Urbanization Affects the Environment

Infographic contributed by Kenneth Gray, Gottcha Wildlife Until very recently, nearly all of the world’s population lived in rural areas and lived from farming or hunting, but the percentage who live in urban areas has recently increased dramatically. According to … Continue reading

The ugly politics of the Dan River coal ash spill

On February 2, 2014, a coal ash retention pond in Eden, North Carolina ruptured and spewed 39,000 tons of coal ash and contaminated water into the Dan River. The ash quickly traveled as much as 70 miles downstream. The politics quickly … Continue reading

Pesticides and Environmental Concerns

Contributed by Kathrina Lewis Pesticides are used to get rid of pests, but the truth is that they are the only toxic substances released intentionally into our environment to kill living things. The environmental concerns arise when when pesticides attack … Continue reading

Coal Ash: Update on an Environmental Catastrophe

On February 2, 2014, a drainage pipe running unaccountably under a coal ash pond at a retired Duke Energy plant ruptured. It spilled 39,000 tons of coal ash and 27 million gallons of wastewater into the Dan River at Eden, … Continue reading