Rooftop solar and utilities don’t have to be enemies

Rooftop solar has become mired in controversy. Conservative think tanks allied with electric service providers disapprove of it. They vigorously advocate ending “special treatment” for renewable energy. Environmentalists favor it. Unfortunately, too many of them paint electric utilities (and large corporations … Continue reading

Say no to coal, but what about the miners?

Coal is an abundant and cheap source of fuel. Other than that, there’s nothing nice to say about it. I’ve heard about “clean coal” technology, but haven’t heard anything clean about it. In fact, if coal’s environmental and health costs … Continue reading

When green and sustainable are not the same

Green has become the common term for people who care about the environment or for practices promoted as better for the environment than some other practices. When used for marketing, “green” can become downright misleading. In fact, there’s a term … Continue reading