Biogas as an example of waste to energy

We throw lots of stuff away in this country. We used to just have it hauled to a dump, but that was smelly and attracted vermin. No one wanted to live or be near one. Eventually the dump morphed into … Continue reading

What’s coming: environmental crisis or sustainability?

In An Essay on the Principal of Population (1798), Thomas Malthus argued that world’s population would eventually and inevitably outgrow the resources available to sustain it. His ideas have been very influential as late as Paul Ehrlich’s book The Population … Continue reading

Why green buildings are worth the cost

The erection of a “green” school or other public building can easily draw cries of dismay or even outrage, because sustainable design and building cost more than traditional techniques. For the same reason, people planning a new house might shy … Continue reading

A modest proposal for a better economic and environmental future

We love to play the blame game in this country, don’t we? In any crisis or disaster, we can count on finger pointing. Various people will blame big business, big labor, immigrants, Republicans, Democrats, the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, … Continue reading

The cost of convenience in trash collection

I’m dating myself here, but as child growing up in the late 1950s, I remember my mother carefully wrapping the garbage (food wastes) in newspapers every night and putting them in the garbage can by the garage. A company emptied … Continue reading