How to design and buy products with the planet in mind

Contributed by Tara Gould [Editor’s note: Our consumerist culture, with its planned obsolescence, directly causes our current crisis in waste disposal. The US is not alone in the unfortunate habit of buying way too much and then discarding it with … Continue reading

State of the environment in the State of the Union

The annual State of the Union address has become an opportunity for the President, whoever he is, to brag on his accomplishments and blame the opposition for any difficulties. It takes some rinsing away of self-serving political grandstanding to find … Continue reading

Have you thought about social sustainability?

Sustainability means taking care of our environment. And more. Actually there are three “pillars” of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social. If, as I insist, sustainable practices are only those we can continue indefinitely without harm, we must understand all three … Continue reading

Green is the color of money: economic sustainability

Sustainability is certainly concerned with taking good care of the environment. But there’s more to it. There’s also economic sustainability and social sustainability.  Conserving natural resources and conserving money are not mutually exclusive, as some people seem to think.. They … Continue reading