Why unexpected companies embrace renewable energy

Corporations you might never have guessed have begun to make significant investments in renewable energy. And that despite legal uncertainty as the administration’s Clean Power Plan awaits a Supreme Court decision before it can go into effect. Google bought the … Continue reading

Organic Farming: Advantages and Disadvantages

What does organic food have to do with sustainability and green living? For many people who are passionate about environmental issues, sustainability absolutely requires organic farming. Especially sustainability in agriculture. They tout the health benefits and claim that conventional farming … Continue reading

Pig waste: from the lagoon to the highway

No, I’m not reporting on a spill from a manure lagoon. A young college professor has found a way to make asphalt adhesive from pig waste. It’s not only a greener blacktop, not only less expensive than petroleum adhesives, but … Continue reading

Mushrooms: an eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoamâ„¢

[ad name=”Google Adsense 728×90″] You buy a microwave or other large appliance and take it out of the box. Chances are, it is protected by bulky blocks of molded polystyrene (best known by the trade name Styrofoamâ„¢). Lightweight and sturdy, … Continue reading

QMilch: an organic synthetic fabric from milk

For millennia, humans have made fabric from plant fibers or animal hair. Then, in the last century, we learned how to make synthetic fabric from petroleum. The first, nylon, appeared in 1939. Polyester followed in 1953. They are cheaper than … Continue reading