State of the environment in the State of the Union

The annual State of the Union address has become an opportunity for the President, whoever he is, to brag on his accomplishments and blame the opposition for any difficulties. It takes some rinsing away of self-serving political grandstanding to find … Continue reading

Enough about climate change!

I just read yet another tiresome article by someone dismissing corporate efforts at sustainability. After all, they weren’t addressing climate change or global warming! Some companies are redesigning their entire transportation system to save fuel. Some companies are working to … Continue reading

A balanced approach to climate change?

Someone on one of my Linked-In groups posted an article “Three States Push Bills to Require Teaching Climate Change Denial in Schools.”, calling it, “UNBELIEVABLE!” [As of 7/23/2016, the link no longer works.] According to the article, legislatures in Oklahoma, … Continue reading