Regulation, sustainability, and LEED

There seem to be two major models of environmental activism in this country. One group of activists looks to the government, especially the federal government, to achieve environmental protection through legislation and regulation. The other group of activists, from leaders … Continue reading

The surprising barrier to sustainable technologies

In an earlier post No More Solyndras? I noted that the concept of solar power is popular in this country. Not even chocolate has such high approval. And Republicans, whom the media portray as being opposed to anything but fossil … Continue reading

No more Solyndras?

Some politicians are using the slogan “No more Solyndras.” What does that mean? If’s a good slogan if it means the federal government needs to pay more careful attention to the viability of companies that receive government grants. There is … Continue reading

State/local government and solar power

Last June I commented on an energy poll conducted by the Associated Press, National Opinion Research Center. Among other findings the poll found that only 41% believed that individuals can make a difference, and only 50% believed that state and … Continue reading