Problems that solve other problems

I came across a fascinating post on another blog called Using Garden “Problems” as Solutions. There is nothing really new about turning a problem into a solution. The author offers her story as an illustration of a general principle that … Continue reading

Easy Ways for Offices to Adopt an Eco-Friendly Energy Policy

Contributed by Kim Whitley Lighting, heating, and electronic equipment. These are likely to be the three main consumers of energy in a typical office environment. And therefore three main focuses of workplace sustainability. After all, you’ll need to power the … Continue reading

What has become of the promise of biofuel?

In a way, coal, natural gas, and petroleum are biofuels. They come from once-living beings now fossilized. The ancients around the Mediterranean used olive oil for fuel. That’s more what we think of as biofuel. Today, the most-touted biofuels are … Continue reading

Pig waste: from the lagoon to the highway

No, I’m not reporting on a spill from a manure lagoon. A young college professor has found a way to make asphalt adhesive from pig waste. It’s not only a greener blacktop, not only less expensive than petroleum adhesives, but … Continue reading