Trump, renewable energy, and why I’m not scared

Donald Trump is no friend of the environmental movement. Or, apparently, of renewable energy. Nevertheless, I refuse to join the hysteria of some who seem to think he’s out to destroy the planet. In particular, the Trump/Pence ticket’s energy platform … Continue reading

EPR: is it a solution to our recycling crisis?

The recycling industry is in a crisis right now. Participation is low. Recyclables fetch low prices on the commodity market. Centers are closing. A concept called Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) may help. It’s also called product stewardship. It shifts the … Continue reading

Rooftop solar and utilities don’t have to be enemies

Rooftop solar has become mired in controversy. Conservative think tanks allied with electric service providers disapprove of it. They vigorously advocate ending “special treatment” for renewable energy. Environmentalists favor it. Unfortunately, too many of them┬ápaint electric utilities (and large corporations … Continue reading