Problems that solve other problems

I came across a fascinating post on another blog called Using Garden “Problems” as Solutions. There is nothing really new about turning a problem into a solution. The author offers her story as an illustration of a general principle that … Continue reading

What has become of the promise of biofuel?

In a way, coal, natural gas, and petroleum are biofuels. They come from once-living beings now fossilized. The ancients around the Mediterranean used olive oil for fuel. That’s more what we think of as biofuel. Today, the most-touted biofuels are … Continue reading

Sewage, geothermal energy, and the yuck factor

I have already written about extracting energy from sewage using microbial fuel cells. While this technology is not yet ready for use, potentially it could harness biological energy that naturally occurs anyway to produce as much continuous electrical output as … Continue reading