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How to use borax: a versatile cleaner and more — 29 Comments

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  2. Some fungi reproduce through tiny spores in the air. You can inhale the spores or they can land on you. As a result, fungal infections often start in the lungs or on the skin. You are more likely to get a fungal infection if you have a weakened immune system or take antibiotics.^.`*

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  3. Thank you. Borax is anti fungal. It should therefore reduce exposure. Reducing is not the same as eliminating. Thanks for an important reminder.

  4. Hi everybody! Last year I developed a painfull and slightly swollen left knee. I saw my doctor and he diagnosed arthritis and sent me for ex rays. This was confirmed.I was given painkillers and some exercises to do and was told I might have to have surgery. Well, I don’t like pills and investigated alternatives. Yes, Borax! A heaped teaspoon in a litre of good bottled water and I take 2 teaspoons a day. 6 weeks and my knee is much better, 3 months and it is cured, yes cured! No pain,no swelling and I can now pull my heel back to my buttock.
    I will add that I am male, age 72 and had polio age 11.

  5. I used the borax and peroxide mixture to cure my dogs mange. Two weeks and it was gone and hair all grown back.

  6. I use borax solution in carpet cleaning, straight for toilets and sinks and diluted on scalp. It has solved itchy scalp on me and my dogs. It cleans showers beautifully, especially glass doors. I can’t recommend it enough. My carpets have no odor when done with the steam cleaner and borax. And with 2 dogs and 2 son’s, that is a miracle.

  7. Thanks Mya. I can testify to how quickly it stops my scalp from itching. I don’t have a shower with a glass door, but I have a fabric shower curtain liner that occasionally gets mildew on it. Soaking in a borax solution gets it right out if I don’t let it go too long.

  8. I’ve have borax capsules and use as a vaginal suppository for vaginosis and yeast infections. Clears it up faster than the medication and recurrence is unlike I’ve experienced!

  9. Hi 🙂 I have f century tried a borax solution for cleaning and disinfecting, although the mix keeps crystallising at the bottom of the liquid for some reason within a day or 2. Is there a solution to try and stop this that you may know of please? Thank you 🙂

  10. I can only think of two possibilities. One, you may be using too much borax. If you have the recommended proportions and it still settles, then shake the bottle frequently.

  11. Hi I am dealing with a massive ringworm infection. Can borax be used on my furniture to kill ringworm spores?

  12. Hi Amanda,
    According to http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/how-to-remove-ringworm-fungus/, you kill spores on hard surfaces with an anti-fungal spray. It mentions some brand names, but I suppose a borax solution in a spray bottle would work. For cloth upholstery, it suggests first, taking the furniture out to sit in the sun, failing that, steam cleaning, and if neither is practical, an anti-fungal spray. Test anything you put on upholstery in an inconspicuous place to make sure it doesn’t do any damage. I suppose you could also sprinkle some borax straight from the box on the upholstery, wait a while, and vacuum, but I’ve never had that problem.

  13. I like to use Borax to get rid of pet urine odor. A few years ago a cat got locked in a bedroom while we were gone for a couple days & urinated all over the carpet. Tried shampooing it, it didn’t work so a call Grandma. She said to find the spots, I used a black light, soak spots with water & pour a heaping pile of Borax on the spots. Wait until the Borax & carpet are dry. You can see the Borax absorb the urine, it turns yellow. Then vacuum, repeat if needed. No more smells.

  14. I’ll have to try that when my dogs decide to “discipline” me instead of asking to go out (they never get enough attention or treats, you know), but I suppose it works only if you catch it fresh.

  15. Any borax powder can be used as cleaning agent and for shampooing your hair too ?
    Or is there any other type of borax powder for hair ?

  16. My wife was long-suffering from vaginal infection and no amount of doctor’s visits and “medication” seemed to help. I purchased 000 empty gelatin capsules from ebay and filled it half with borax. She inserted one per night into the vaginal canal and in 3 days, all infection was gone and she has never had any problems after that. I have also removed black spots and shallow tooth decays by gargling a solution of baking soda, borax, and sugar. The black spots on the teeth are black mold and this stuff kills them in a very short time.

  17. Would it be harmful to dab borax on the scalp and leave it there? I have tried almost everything to get rid of fungal infestation on my scalp, which has caused the loss of most of my hair over the past 5 years, or so. I cover my head whenever going in public, so leaving residue wouldn’t bother me. So, that’s all I want to know… can the borax shampoo solution be dabbed onto the scalp and left there, say, once a day?

  18. Sorry, but I don’t know what it would do in your situation. What does your doctor say?

  19. Defending borax by saying boric acid is caustic poison when its not, is not a good way to start off your “informative blog”. FYI boric acid is just as useful & safe as borax

  20. Thank you for your comment. I had to look it up, but the first sentence of this Medline Plus article https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/002485.htm says “Boric acid is a dangerous poison.” That doesn’t mean, of course, that it is not useful or that it can’t be used safely. Had I not found that, I would have revised my post to make sure it’s accurate.

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