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  1. Boy you learn something new everyday. My use to use it. Maybe she use it on her hair. She had beautiful hair. I know we clean and wash with mule team borax. Best to go back to the good old product without chemicals. Thank you

  2. Using super hot water to maximize dissolving the Borax will also unfortunately leach chemicals from the plastic container. Best to use glass jars and make smaller amounts.

  3. Thanks, Claudia. What about ordinary hot tap water? The borax won’t dissolve as completely, but a good shake from time to time keeps undissolved borax from clumping into a solid chunk. I would be afraid of a glass jar near the bathtub/shower, especially if I ever have to handle it with wet hands.

  4. Thank. You for explaining how to do the shampoo. I recently had Threadworm and mainstream drugs could not get rid of it (Mebendazole – Ovex) despite it working with 99% of the population, so getting desperate turned to herbs and came across Dr. Hulda Clark who is actually blowing my mind away with what I am learning and it is she who recommends using the borax. Everyone will benefit from reading her book, The Cure for all Diseases. It has led me to believe that the 21st century is making me ill. We are bombarding ourselves with pollutants from nearly every source imaginable. I feel so much better from following her advice already that I cannot underestimate the book enough for anyone wanting to get back to a non polluted life. Best Wiishes.

  5. Could you just put borax in your shampoo? At the moment I use Faith in Nature shampoo with activated charcoal in it and my hair is loads better than without the charcoal…… I’m wondering if borax would help even more…?

  6. Good question, Kate. I don’t have an answer. If you try it out, let us know what you did and how well it worked.

  7. I am just wondering if it will hall with psoriasis as it removed cradle cap from babies scalps. I have tried almost everything for my painful scalp. Don’t seem to be able to buy borax over counter now ?

  8. I don’t know if it helps with psoriasis. Your doctor would have an opinion. Maybe your pharmacist would. You might want to ask several knowledgeable people and look on line to see if there’s a consensus.

    I do know that you find borax in the laundry detergent aisle. It’s a very versatile product, but it’s marketed chiefly as a detergent booster and otherwise used mainly for household cleaning.

  9. It certainly will help with psoriasis! My husband had hand eczema – atopic dermatitis and struggled with it for 2 years. Nothing the doctors prescribed helped. I came across borax and thought, well, if it does not help, it won’t harm. You won’t believe it (we ourselves still think we are dreaming!) – after 5 days of soaking his hands for 20 min in warm water in a small pan just enough to put his whole hands in it, with 3 tablespoons of borax – the eczema is gone. Not there anymore. Cured. Healed! Guess psoriasis is in this range of diseases and it will certainly help as well! What ever you do, I would just recommend to let it sit on your scalp for 20 minutes and then rinse. Good luck! And let me know the results, i.e. when all your psoriasis disappears.

  10. please I wish to use borax on my hair which is best one to use thank you for all your advice

  11. I never see more than one brand here in the US. I don’t know what your choices are, but I doubt if any one brand is better than any of the others.

  12. I have been using borax for a few years instead of shampoo and it has been great! I lose less hair (in my mid-50’s) and I can go a day or two between shampoos,even after a workout. I have coarse, wavy, frizzy hair and this has helped tremendously. I mix a tablespoon of borax in two cups of water then microwave for a minute. After shaking, I usually add two (literally) drops of castor oil, then 6-8 drops each of rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Lasts about 3-4 washings as I have chin length hair. I put it on dry hair in the shower, massage it in then rinse at the end of my shower. I just let it air dry in the summer because of the Georgia humidity. LOVE THIS!!! I can’t remember the last time I bought regular shampoo.

  13. I’ve began using it for my scalp and it’s antifungal properties works wonders!! Since it’s a salt, it hasn’t removed or even lightened my color.

  14. Yes. It’s as good as any dandruff shampoo to take care of itching. Thanks for commenting.

  15. I av very fine coloured hair and use a lot of products to keep my style ,I put small amount of borax in my hand mix with my shampoo and wash hey presto lovely clean product free shinny hair,u can buy borax from any hairdressing supplys

  16. I use 21 mule team borax found in the laundry section. Can also order Amazon, Walmart, Target Used for cleaning and washing clothes. However, I put 1/2 cup borax and 1/2 cup baking soda in my bath water and soak a minimum of 20 minutes. I first rinse my hair with my borax and baking soda bath water and then bathe the rest of my body. Did this soak for another ailment but found that it worked for my hair also. It also left my skin softer than it’s ever been. Borax is amazing stuff.

  17. please telle me if i should not be worried of the water with borax gets into my eyes? thanks in advance!

  18. This from the Twenty Mule Team Borax website: Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, contact a physician.

    I don’t know if that specifically means a borax solution such as you would use to wash your hair, but it’s best to take precautions to keep it out of your eyes. Just like keeping shampoo out of your eyes. They’re both irritants.

  19. I am wondering if using boric acid instead of borax would still cause the same results. Or would it be more damaging to hair? At the end of the day its an acid, not a salt like borax, so I’ve got some doubts and I can’t find much information on that. The thing is, boric acid is the only product I have on hand right now. I would really appreciate some advice, because I’ve got quite a severe problem with dandruff (worsened even more after using Head&Shoulders shampoo just yesterday, totally do not recommend). Actually boric acid mostly cured my dandruff just after two times of using it, so I know that it works, but I’m not sure if its healthy for my hair in the long run, or my body in general. I observed some mild rash on my face and in one spot on my arm while using it, weird stuff. I can’t know for sure what actually caused the rash, but nevertheless that’s why I stopped.

  20. According to Medline, boric acid is caustic, a dangerous poison, and can cause injury if it contacts tissue. It’s good that you stopped. I also found a recent article in Medical News Today that gives safety warnings about borax itself, although nothing that makes me question using it on my hair.

  21. Actually Boric avid is sold in small bottles in some drug stores or online. It is sold as a disinfectant eyewash and I actually used it that way for my daughter as a baby. She had an eye discharge and my mother in law told me about it. Worked great. It’s mixed with boiling water then cooled and takes a few drops. Great antibacterial

  22. I have seen plenty of warnings that boric acid is not borax and is more dangerous than borax. It never seemed important to look up what it’s used for. Thanks for commenting.

  23. Hi thank you for this post, I was so happy to find it. I have been using borax to wash my hair for several years and have developed some tips to make it easier and more effective.

    When I first started using borax to wash my hair, I used the full-strength saturated solution that you are using here. It worked great at first but over a short amount of time, probably since I wash my hair every day, the borax built up on my hair making it feel dry and crunchy and look a little dull. I experimented and found that diluted solutions work much better for me.

    I use a leftover 1 quart glass juice bottle to make a super-saturated solution. I put about 1/2 inch of borax in the bottle, add hot water, shake and let the borax dissolve for about 20 minutes. With a super-saturated solution, the layer of clear liquid on top is the super-saturate, it contains all the borax that can be dissolved in that amount of water. There will be undissolved powder at the bottom of the bottle, do not worry about that, it will get used when you add more water to the bottle later to make more shampoo. The power in the bottom actually hardens into a crystal that dissolves a bit each time you add more water. No need to add more powder until the crystal is almost gone.

    I keep the glass bottle safely under my sink, not in the shower. To make my “shampoo,” I use a 16 oz. plastic bottle, put in 2 tablespoons of the super-saturate (I experimented with different amounts and settled on this) and fill the rest of the bottle with water. After I wet my hair in the shower, I squirt the borax shampoo all over my hair, work it through, then rinse it out. I do a second application and leave it on while I do the rest of my shower. A bottle of the shampoo lasts me, with shoulder-length hair, for about 5 washes.

    I still get some build-up from the borax, I’ve found that a citric acid solution gets that out. My problem is that using anything acidic like vinegar or citric acid, although they at first make my hair look fabulous, a few hours later they make my scalp overproduce oil. So I have switched things up and use the citric acid (1/2 teaspoon in 16 oz. water) first, after I have wet my hair, rinse than out and then do my borax shampoo routine. 16 oz. of the citric acid solution lasts a little over a week.

    So I am removing any residual borax from the previous wash and the layers of borax don’t build up. I also don’t get an oily scalp if I do it this way.

    I have to be careful not to get either the citric acid or borax in my eyes. The citric acid stings right away. I don’t feel anything at first with the borax, but a few hours later my eyes are so dry I can hardly blink them. Even though I squeeze my eyes as tight as possible, the liquids easily seep in. I guess that is the reason they make shampoos and conditioners so thick, they are much easier to keep out of your eyes. Anyway, I have to be sure to keep my head tilted back so neither solution runs onto my face.

    It’s a little extra effort but my scalp is so healthy now, never itches, never get the sores I got from every other shampoo I tried, such as non-sulfate, “natural,” or soap-based shampoos. I even tried things like soapnuts and different clays, all disappointing. With borax, my hair is so much more silky and shiny, no frizz, styles easily and holds the style. My hair also sheds a lot less.

    BTW, I use the old standard, 20 Mule Team Borax. Love it!

  24. I’ve been using Boric Acid which I put into Gel Capsules for yeast infections for over 35 years. It’s the only thing that works. Insert one at night. You will have a discharge of the residue into your panties, but it doesn’t stain them and it leaves vaginal area fresh,. clean and without yeast.

  25. I started using this because my diy dishwasher detergent worked so good on grease, and my hair was greasy, so I tried it on my hair and wah lah, it worked. Basicly the same soda, borax, and citric acid. I just wondered if there was a recipe on the web. Glad to see it’s not only me that uses it. It rinses out so well too.

  26. I’ve used borax as a hair wash before and I’m planning on trying it again, but I always did a rinse of an acid to restore the pH. I used acv or citric acid.
    I’m curious that you didn’t have any problems without the acid rinse. Anyone else use borax for shampoo without an acid rise?

  27. I don’t recall seeing mention of acid rinse when I first heard about washing hair with borax. It makes sense, though.

  28. I had alopecia about 20 yr ago and found a recipe in an old book for hair loss. It involved iodine, pine tar soap, coconut soap, ethyl alcohol (which is now unavailable but I think you can use vodka) and borax. My hair was good as new in a month and have never had a problem since.

  29. I tried the borax wash followed by a rinse with water and a bit of ACV. I can’t believe how well it worked. My hair was extremely soft and easy to manage I was able to braid it without a fight and it was super shiny and felt like it had new life. I kept it braided for a few days then took the braids down. My hair is still very soft and easy to manipulate. I have literally been saying “wow” for last half an hour while touching my hair. Wow…..

  30. Just a note about chemicals etc in eyes, I’ve discovered milk is fantastic at calming stinging eyes, hope it can help others too!

  31. I had a doubt , Is borax the powder we use at home to kill roaches?? Also if it is, can it help me get rid of hair lice??

  32. Borax does kill insects but apparently not very quickly. There are probably better treatments.

  33. Borax works wonders on eliminating head & body lices, as well as bed bugs & nasty biting carpet beetles. It’s not an instant death, but borax cracks the exoskeletons of these bugs & they will die in time & not be able to mate, causing the next generation. Make a mixture of borax & water, & pour on your hair, & letting it sit for 10 minutes. This will disolve the glue attaching the lice nits (eggs) to the hair shaft, thus you can wash the nits off your hair & scalp-make sure you rub this mixture into your scalp well, thus losing the lice, as they are stunned. Bathing in borax will remove the body & pubic lice from your body too!

    A mixture of borax, powdered sugar, & cinnamon will stop a nasty invasion of ants.

    Borax is an underutilized mineral with many uses. It brings back to life dull & dingy fabrics. It’s an excellent cleaning product on many many items! Keep exploring-Borax is cheap & fairly non toxic-just keep it away from cats!

  34. It does help with dandruff and the source of dandruff which is a fungus. You still have to scrub your scalp to remove dead skin there. Been using this for over 3 years. Great for colored and highlighted hair.

  35. Borax dissolves almost immediately with boiling water.

    Boil a quart of water, then add cup of borax to it. Let it cool.

    Then add 3 quarts of water to a gallon jug.

    You’re ready to apply.

  36. Is it safe to use borax, baking soda and apple cider vinegar for hair that has highlights? Will it strip it in any way?

  37. Well my mother used to use Borax mixed with a soap bar when we were young. There were seven of us and you could not afford to buy shampoos. But our neighbours always commented on how lovely and shiny our hair was. I am going to go back to using Borax and soap. The soap makes the lather for the borax. It is great and i don’t know why i never kept using it. When we became teenagers we just went with the flow as per usual and started buying what we thought we should buy . Dodgy shampoos that ruined hair

  38. Thanks. Actually, this is the first I heard of mixing borax and soap. The lather in shampoo is only there for looks. It doesn’t have anything to do with getting hair clean. Actually, a mixture of borax and water, which is what I use, lathers up enough to remind you to rinse it off. Soap leaves a scum, but I suppose the borax takes care of that. Use what works for you.

  39. lately i have been takijg borax and baking soda baths. everything dissolves in the bathwater. then i dip my hair in it. thats my solution. what doi you think?

  40. I always take showers, so it’s something I wouldn’t/couldn’t do, but if it works for you, then it works for you.

  41. I have shoulder length caucasian hair that is a mix of straight, waves, & large ringlets. I found this page almost 2 years ago when I learned I was allergic to all of the coconut & soy derivatives that are in shampoo, conditioner, soap & body wash.

    My method for using what I learned here is to put 1/4 cup borax in a 32 oz. glass apple cider vinegar jar that I’ve repurposed. Then I top it with boiling water, place the cap on it & holding it with a towel I swirl it around until the borax is completely dissolved. It only takes a minute or so. When it’s cooled off the borax does not crystalize in the bottle. I pour it into a plastic Dickson’s Witch Hazel bottle that I’ve repurposed for use in the shower. The size & shape of this bottle is super easy to handle with wet hands. The hole in the cap also makes it easy to get the borax solution in my hair without using too much. I work it through my hair, rinse, then use an apple cider vinegar rinse that is in a second repurposed Dickson’s Witch Hazel bottle to restore the PH level of my hair. My hair is clean, shiny, soft & manageable.

    I sometimes need a detangler for my damp hair. I use a repurposed eye glass cleaner bottle that has 6 oz of distilled water & 2 tablespoons of an organic vegetable glycerine that is safe for my allergies. Just 2 or 3 sprays is enough for my shoulder length hair.

    In the winter my ends start to look just a bit dry, so I pour about a teaspoon of sweet almond oil into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together & apply it to the ends of my hair – meaning the hair that is not attached to my head. I do not take it all the way to the roots. It’s just not necessary. I let this sit in my hair for about 5 minutes BEFORE getting into the shower & washing it as stated above. My hair has never looked better.

  42. Thank you. I think other readers will benefit from this comment. You had me worried when you mentioned a repurposed glass bottle, but then I notice you transfer your mixture to a plastic bottle for use in the shower. It’s much safer if you ever drop it!

  43. Can I make one use at a time
    Say half a tea spoon and some boiling water?
    What else should I ad,
    I have major dandruff at the moment,
    I mixed borax with hot water and liquid fragrance free soap but the borax set rock hard at the bottom in a day so it’s useless
    Regards Kris

  44. I have never added anything except borax and water. Try mixing it that way. The soap must cause some kind of chemical reaction that keeps the borax from dissolving. I suppose you could try making a smaller amount. One tablespoon of borax per cup of water is the same ratio, but it seems like a lot of work. Also, consider the energy usage for boiling that many times.

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