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Pesticides and Environmental Concerns — 2 Comments

  1. How bout, NO Monsanto, NO GMO, eat only organic foods and get the truth on lables..Regardless of what, we still need to detox what has happened to us so far, and thats where Ahki comes in, imo. Gotta flush the bad stuff or whats the point, right? I find it hella annoying when I read food lables and it has stuff complex to even pronounce and high fructose corn syrups, avoid at all costs! Dont by BS GMO food..Get the good stuff! It would be nice IF there was a website resource that tracked every vendor and its labeling, not only that, what the dangers “every ingredient” has, if its GMO and if its ever been tested. I bet that would make people way more conscious in whats in the food. Ahki, what do you think?

  2. Thanks for your comment, although I have no idea who Ahki is!

    Not all GMOs are necessarily bad, and organic farming has its own environmental problems. I have written about both of these topics. Use the search box in the sidebar to find those articles.

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