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Long Term and Short Term Benefits of Solar Energy — 5 Comments

  1. I like how you mentioned that solar energy can increase your property value. It makes sense that by equipping your home with solar, it could raise the value of your home. My aunt has taken an interest in being environmentally friendly. It might interest her to invest in solar panels to not only help the earth but to also add value to her property.

  2. It sounds like I need to get solar panels for our house. I love the fact that some installations, even though they’re more expensive, can run a whole house. That would be worth it, in the long run. If we do get solar, that’s what I think we’ll go for.

  3. I love that you talked about how solar panel systems offer both long term and short term benefits. I was thinking of installing good quality solar panels in our roof deck, and it’s great that you tackled about the advantages of it, which helps my decision-making. I had no idea that the local and federal governments offer tax breaks, rebates, grants, or credits to those who own one at home. I guess I shall then start discussing matters with the local provider.

  4. Thanks Victoria,
    This post is now five years old. Some of the incentives may have expired, but by all means, look at every angle, including any remaining tax breaks.

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