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6 ways to turn waste plastic from a problem to a resource — 20 Comments

  1. I don’t know of any, John, but I only looked at two search terms. I didn’t see anything without heat when I searched “bond plastic under pressure.” Under “bond plastic without heat” turned up articles about adhesives, but nothing that obviously used pressure.

  2. In a school assembly a few days ago, we were visited by an environmentalist group who began to teach us about the ways plastic can be reused once recycled. I never knew that plastic came from oil and can again become oil through a process called pyrolysis. Thanks for sharing more about the benefits of recycling through the breakdown of plastic!

  3. And thanks for commenting, Vivian. I suspect lots of people don’t know plastic comes from oil, and I’d be surprised if very many people know about pyrolysis. Now that you know, help spread the word!

  4. Hi is there a way of keeping the melted plastic in its liquid state for a while before it solidifies?

  5. That’s beyond my knowledge, but I’m sure that the people doing the work can keep plastic melted as long as necessary.

  6. could you please introduce the line for recycling mix (unsorted) plastic waste such as laminated film with al. foil , electrical cable and tetra pak ?

  7. Electric cable easily gets tangled in sorting equipment. Never put it with the rest of your recyclables. Other than that, what you can or can’t recycle depends on local policies. Check with your municipality or hauler to know what’s acceptable. A neighboring community might have somewhat different policies.

  8. Is it possible to melt the plastic bags and bottles etc. at home itself safely without any harmful or toxic gas emissions?

  9. I like that you mentioned that reusing plastic in your 3D printer is a good way to help turn plastic waste into a resource. I’ve been looking into an industrial wholesale scrap plastic supplier for my production needs. That could help contribute to reducing plastic waste by giving it a new life.

  10. Yes, that’s another use. I just googled and found several articles about it. Thanks.

  11. Plastics can be left as liquid if it is melted with oil either waste engine oil or cooking oil and polystyrene

  12. Few million tons of plastic milk sachets and single use bags are used every year in Indian cities. Most of these float down rivers and reach the sea. and ultimateley in side whales, sharks and other big fish. If we can collect and convert the waste plastic sachets into (fake) wooden furniture, it will also help prevent deforestation. Any opinions on this?

  13. I think it will be easier to make fake wood than to collect the sachets and bags. In this country, Trex makes fake wood from plastic bags. Getting people to take plastic bags back to the store is another matter. I know India doesn’t have the infrastructure the US does. You would know better than I how motivated the Indian people are or can become. Thanks for commenting.

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