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  1. dont let it get wet .put in protected bags instead of throwinh in nins or cans of trash .I love old clothess brought the fasjion in 80s from 1800s or deco then I wore it well! very well .so sexy .long gloves rheinstones .costume jewerly pumps old purses old furs long cigerette holder hats oh my I miss those dys .next most copied and brought out punk rock in Albany all didnt know what t9 think .I was so beeutiful they couldnt laugh only out of jealousy . my body was a bombshell . my style was me for sure . my face was so beautiful it was Amazing with these beautiful fabrics made me perfect . I made them wanted after the shock one of kind I was . I still got tons of my clothes . and alot I gave to ithers or sold I recall saks was my fav old line . I have so much old curtains tapestries linens out of this world out of this world silk with cupids velvets with cupids flowers scrolls of leaves and people embroidery so much love itold uttoons all sewing materials boxes of anything patches oins threads on on even little singer machines I got so much of old catagories of old items most found at times by throw away . I will not let it rot if poss I care more for it than most . its never will be like that again . I see people put dirty clothes in bins with roaches in them and bugs .I flipped out took away to a dumpster no respect I leave stuff outside of boxes I dont pick there I share I cant hold anymore .table clothes are another limen thats not ever to be reproduced again The craftmanship love was powerful then its unreal and should be respected . its like an animals body made into clothing as you eat them you treat the inside better than outside sick but true .

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