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What happens in the sewer if you pour fat down the drain? — 4 Comments

  1. In pioneer days people would combine their fats and wood ashes to make soap. As an incentive to get people to stop putting fats in the drain, a town could have an exchange. Drop off your solidified fats, we’ll give you free handmade soap.

  2. There’s an interesting thought. In pioneer days, though, wood ash was the largest household waste by volume. Unless people have a wood fireplace, they don’t produce any wood ash at all. And remember, liquid fats in sewers are as bad as solid fats.

  3. Hi dmguion. It’s true that most city people do not produce any wood ash. However, they might have scrap wood to donate rather than throw it out as they normally would. Pallets, old furniture, fallen trees could also be donated in exchange for a little free soap. Then you also need a wood stove on site to help process the wood. Even if the results aren’t perfect, you’ve still given someone an incentive not to put their fat down the drain. Hell I would be happy to save up fat in my fridge in exchange for free soap. And remember, soap also comes in liquid form for business’s to use in their bathroom. Win-win.

  4. If you can get something started, let us all know! I’m certainly all in favor of using one problem to solve another problem and using waste materials as resources instead.

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