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5 business benefits of going green with packaging — 4 Comments

  1. It’s interesting that the UK changed laws to make packaging meet certain requirements. This would be something that would help the environment by limiting the use of certain potentially harmful materials. I’m sure that packing companies have been able to adapt and change with that kind of thing as well in order to keep with the law but also to make more customers happy.

  2. First and foremost it helps in reducing the carbon footprint as eco-friendly packaging materials are made using recycled waste materials that reduced consumption of resources. Most eco-friendly packaging materials are easily disposable due to the fact that they are mostly compostable or recyclable. Furthermore, green packaging options does not only reduced carbon footprint, but it is also beneficial after it has served its purpose as the packaging materials are biodegradable.

  3. The article is specifically about business benefits, but thanks for the reminder of the environmental benefits behind them.

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