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The digital grid: technology to make the grid smart — 1 Comment

  1. Like anything to do with humans. Based on money and self-interest for a privileged few and not sustainability for the future of being part of a Global community structure. Only ignorance by 20th-century thinking leadership that think in a technology and growing abilities of the G35 would lack the understanding required to understand what is required for this little planet with 9 billion with no borders only growing problems that will require a lot of innovation and collaboration to assure we do not continue to limit the potential 20th century thinking has now limited to assure they have a reason to remain at the head of the table. Only have not got the memo yet. Come to the table to help or be left behind. The young do have the technology and the support to make it happen with or without the money and those of influence. To assure a sustainable future. By not changing what we do but how we do it to stop the waste 20th-century thinking creates we as a society can no longer afford. By simply understand the key problems and applying a sustainable Blockchain technology that removes money as the only key to a more sustainable world. For all not just apriviged few yet both get to retain what they do with control on waste.

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