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Looks like plastic, made of molded bamboo — 15 Comments

  1. Hello,
    By any chance, would you able to help us to find a bamboo molding factory in Europe in order to produce one of our coming product?

    Thanks and best regards

    Vincent Claessens

  2. Sorry, but no. The only thing I could do would be to use a search engine, and I don’t know where you are or what your product is. Best of luck in your investigation.

  3. Hi Guys
    Bit late on reply
    I have an injection moulding and toolmaking company near Heathrow airport
    Trying to get hold of Bamboo material for my own products where can I buy the
    material and as trade moulders any new business welcome
    All the best

  4. I’m no expert on manufacturing, Michael, but I notice the process requires bamboo powder. It ought to be easy enough to find unprocessed bamboo and make your own powder if you can get the right machinery and the specs.

  5. I don’t know where to find supplies for manufacturing, but let me clarify something: bamboo is not plastic. Bamboo granules behave the same way in molding as plastic particles. The result looks and feels like plastic, but it isn’t. If you use bamboo for printer parts, they will be bamboo printer parts–and therefore environmentally more friendly than plastic parts. I hope you find suppliers and succeed in selling your bamboo products.

  6. My question is, is the molded bamboo biodegradable or does it last for a very long time just because of the molding process?
    If so, could it then instead be burnt when it’s no longer useable?

  7. I suppose it’s biodegradable. Burning does not seem to be a good method of waste disposal, though.

  8. it’s not easy to produce a Bamboo Plastic Composite granulate for injection molding or pressure molding.
    Differently to normal wood, and remember that bamboo is technically not a wood, it has a high rate of silicates which are one of the most difficult molecules to deal with in the molding process.

  9. Thanks. Generally in this blog, I try to be no more technical than necessary. It’s not easy to do all kinds of things that are environmentally beneficial. I’m glad it’s possible.

  10. You’re probably better of making disposable paper products out of the bamboo rather than a plastic alternative.If anyone needs bamboo material email me at bamboojoe.us@gmail.com
    Please send me full details of what you’re looking for so I can give you a quote. Thanks!

  11. Hi, you say that there aren no chemicals in for bamboo moulded products, but how does the bamboo powder/fibre stick together?

  12. Thanks, Mario,
    I didn’t exactly say there are no chemicals–just not the hazardous ones that leach from plastic. As far as how the powder sticks together, it would be some combination of heat and pressure. If you want a more scientific explanation, follow the links for injection molding and pressure molding.

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