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How to motivate people to care about sustainability — 2 Comments

  1. One thing you learn from being part of change starting in HS and now retired. You first have to understand the problem. Then understand you cannot change what people do if the system they are attached to is based on 20th-century silo thinking. That always requires money and self-interest to come before what is needed to create a sustainable future for their community, However, give the people of the community a means to no longer follow those that allow money and self-interest to drive the agenda by giving the leadership a way to come to the table to help or be left behind is the foundation the original sustainable Blockchain system was designed on in 1995 to address the issue that came out of the 1989 economic downturn and changing the system ever sense. One problem at a time.

  2. Thanks Fraser. You and I have seen lots of changes in environmental attitudes since our student days. I regret some of the changes I pushed for back then. It didn’t solve the problem it aimed at and created or worsened others. People care more about environmental issues than they used to. Too many are too caught up in what seems most convenient to want to do anything about it. Too many others loudly advocate for policies that seem to be more concerned with punishing wrong-doers than solving the problems. I agree that we ought to try rational conversation to find ways to work together.

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