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The best transportation choices to protect the environment — 4 Comments

  1. To address 35% of the pollution caused by205th-century transportation will require offering the public an alternative to using their car. Has of a decade ago we had the ability to offer a 21stcentury transit system. By not reinventing the wheel but using what we know already works, Only problem is a 20th-century thinking leadership being told by a privileged few that it would be too disruptive to support a 21st-century transit system. based on using a more sustainable Blockchain system to control the upfront cost and help keep the cost of living under control.

  2. Thanks Fraser. Companies dealt with disruption throughout the 20th century. To continue to do so, they have to realize that disruption is not a fatal disease, but an invitation to creativity. It would be nice to see some realization of that without government regulation being necessary. But it’s governments that run transit systems. Sigh.

  3. How might Amazon’s moving to one-day free shipping for Prime members, (from two days), impact the environment?

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