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25 ways to detoxify your home or apartment — 2 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, 20th-century driven GEN X screwed the whole system up, have even admitted at various conferences. As they allowed money and self-interest drive the agenda only to come to realize fr has many benefits as they created the damage is now going to take decades of change in not want we do but how we do it and not do more damage than they already have and too many formally trained 20th-century silo thinking leaders not willing to accept change. So doing more damage than good, but also forcing the young to leave the 20th-century system. As they see no value and so change is coming the hard way, by creating situations money can no longer fix on its own and leaving the 20th-century leadership behind. To disappear like the Dinosaurs. Going to be ab intersting decade or so.

  2. Thanks Fraser. Unfortunately, I don’t see GEN X as a 20th century problem we can leave behind. From the beginning of time, humans have rushed to implement ideas and found out about the consequences later. Now we have more clever ideas with more advanced technology that have more subtle and widespread unintended consequences. We can’t blame any level of leadership, either. “We have met the enemy, and they is us.” I can only hope we’ve learned something since the environmental movement got started.

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