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Recycling at a crossroads — 2 Comments

  1. It all about understanding the problem. Then simplify it, then remove money and self-interest of a privileged few looking after self-interest all in the name of what in the best for the community by applying sustainability innovation and community collaboration. We have the ability to address most of our environmental problems. 50 yrs hands-on experience. The only one that makes that happen is the power of the community and that only happens when you show them what’s possible and sometimes. Also requires pointing out who is putting up barriers. Due to money and self-interest driving the agenda. As change is not part of their vision and innovation really scares them.

  2. I hear you, Fraser, but it’s not enough to point to the self-interest of the privileged few. Everyone has a stake in reduce, reuse, recycle. Too many people don’t care, and too many others recycle carelessly. Recycling programs ought to at least break even. They can’t if they put out a shoddy product because the general public puts wrong things out in their recycling containers.

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