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Littering: why do we do it and how can we stop? — 2 Comments

  1. Schools have been effective in the past to raise consciousness about the problems of littering, and to campaign against the bad habit of humans throwing away their unwanted debris of any kind.

    With each new immigrant population, and for all those who learned their lessons, but forgot, constant campaigns are required to keep our homes, neighborhoods, communities, towns, highways, and states free from the careless disrespect of littering.

    Well placed, frequent advertising by broadcasts, churches, signs, etc. could help to imprint upon all the fundamental goals of how to quit littering, and how not to begin. When people litter, it encourages others to litter, and soon, we all live in a dump. Perhaps those who distribute the paper and cans, etc. which become litter can help to fund ads for such a campaign of ongoing ads so we can change those significant bad habits into good ones of using refuse barrels.

  2. Education and public service announcements are very important, but judging from the trash I have to clean off my own property, not everyone pays much attention, alas.

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