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Which is the better carbon sink, forests or grasslands? — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with you 100% I have come up with a log that you can burn made from unwanted hay. The fire log made from hay has more BTU than firewood and less emissions.
    The other thing you can harvest the hay late in the year and little nutrition in the hay but still makes a good fire log in doing this you help the songbirds nesting areas. by then the songbirds are done nesting. I think the hay fire log would help save grass land and give farmers another way of making money. I also have a U.S. and Canada patent. The thing I need is funding to bring this to market. Any ideas on how to do that. I have been farming for 45 years. Mostly selling hay.

  2. It sounds like an interesting idea. Unfortunately, I am probably the last person who can give any advice about fundraising.

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