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Vegan ideology: is it really sustainable and ethical? — 8 Comments

  1. You are completely wrong about the vegan foods industry being just as harmful to the environment as beef production. Obviously you know nothing about the production of beef and what goes into finishing a steer for market. Yes it’s true that cattle graze land not suitable for crops however those are cows and calves. Steers(castrated bulls under the age of 2 years) are grazed and then taken to feed lots to “finish”( fatten up) it takes 6lbs of grain per pound of hanging weight to raise and finish a steer. Given a hanging weight of 2000 lbs that would be 6000lbs of grain to raise 1 steer, which would only produce enough meat to fill 2 family of 4 freezers for a year. If you were to stop the beef production think how much land would be freed up to grow food that goes directly to the consumer… not to mention the amount of water that one steer drinks a day. The argument that vegan food has the same impact is a false one and one that is obviously fueled by those who just aren’t ready to make a commitment to better the collective consciousness of humanity. Please in the future if you are going to write articles about things you don’t fully understand try and dig deeper. I’m not a vegan but I do believe that the misinformation that is thrown out all over the internet is harmful to society and our planet. Also using your belief of “god” to further harm and kill animals in the same article that you try and use scientific data is laughable. There is no proof of god in any religion and using the Bible to excuse humans treatment of animal torture is ridiculous. And aren’t we all god’s creatures. Your arguments hold no value given that any facts that you used to prove your points were not at all facts. The mere fact that god’s existence is an opinion makes your argument not valid.

  2. Here is what I wrote: “How is factory farming to feed vegans any more sustainable than factory farming to feed cattle?” Most of your comment describes factory farming of beef, which I agree is an environmental disaster. You did not address the specific question of factory farming for the chemical feast of industrial imitation animal foods to cater to a a vegan diet. As for the last part of your comment, my high school geometry teacher started class by saying the Euclidian geometry is pure deductive reasoning. Then he introduced 10 axioms, which he said must be taken without proof. How much geometry do you think anyone would learn who demands proof of the axioms before continuing? Complaining that there is no proof of God in any religion is as illogical as demanding proof of any other axiom. The mere fact that God’s non-existence is an opinion makes your argument no more valid than mine.

  3. Wrong on many counts. But go off big boy. I’m sure you have your opinions. Too bad you present them as facts though. It’s a misconception that protein can only come from animal products and that vegetarians and vegans will be deficient – plant-based protein sources can be more than adequate. Don’t peddle your propaganda as facts man. That’s just disingenuous.

  4. I am well aware of plant-based protein. The only thing I said must come from animal products is Vitamin B12, and I did acknowledge am artificial substitute. If you are going to accuse me of peddling opinion as fact, you might as well at least do so accurately.

  5. But, aside from what is sustainable and convenient for humans, the fundamental question, usually ignored, is how is it ethical to routinely brutalize and murder the other sentient beings with whom we share the planet so that we can buy a steak at Safeway? If someone could give a good answer to that I myself might be comfortable with eating meat.

  6. I have never yet seen any vegan explain what they mean by ethics. Instead, they beg the question and substitute emotionally loaded rhetoric for logical discourse. Throughout human history, including much of the world today, eating meat and otherwise using animals has not been a matter of convenience but survival, as I explained in the post. Only people with a certain level of affluence can afford to live a vegan lifestyle. If you can afford it, go for it, but please stop vilifying people who can’t afford it or people who have a different viewpoint.

  7. Vegan lifestyle can actually be cheaper. Alternative mock meats are not base of the vegan diet and is just option. In most part of the world, animal products are no longer means for survival. There is nothing humane about factory farms. Those are torture and death chambers for animals and there is nothing ethical or humane about such practices.
    This article is biased toward your own convenience and ego.
    Veganism equals to kindness to animals, not diet and not ideology in the true sense of the word.

  8. I agree with you about factory farms. What is your source for the contention that “in most part of the world, animal products are no longer means for survival”? I doubt if you can back that statement up. You say there is nothing ethical or humane about factory farming. I will not argue with that, but how do you define what is ethical, aside from merely asserting that something is or is not ethical? I have never found a vegan answer to that question. All I have ever seen is assertions backed up by emotional appeals. You say veganism is not diet. That is correct. It encompasses a lot more than diet, hence the objection to leather, zoos, keeping pets, and other ways humans interact with animals. You say that it is not ideology in the true sense of the term. And what is the true sense of ideology that invalidates anything I have said about vegan ideology? You say my article is biased toward my own convenience and ego. I have done considerable research to understand what veganism is. No one who has responded to this article has made any factual objections or pointed to any sources that address any of the questions and issues I have raised. Are you saying that my article is based on ego and your objection is not?

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