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You want to take care of the environment and live on a clean planet. But do you get tired of environmentalists’ rhetoric?

If so, according to a report by Ogilvie Earth, you’re part of a large majority of the American public. Or if you’re not American, you’re probably part of a large majority wherever you live.

Some environmentalists express open contempt for anyone who doesn’t share their views about issues like organic food, veganism, or climate change.

Some environmentalists seem more interested in bashing corporate interests than helping people understand how they can live more sustainably.

Yet for all their contempt for industry, they seem not to recognize that renewable energy, organic farming, and green consumer goods are also industries. So they regard all information coming from the one side as lies and uncritically accept whatever the other says.

Some environmentalists make wild claims and don’t reveal where they got their facts.

David Guion Sustaining Our WorldHi, I’m David Guion, author and publisher of Sustaining Our World, a blog about green living, green homes, and sustainability.

So long as you care about taking care of our planet at all, I respect your viewpoint, whatever it is. But especially if your politics tends toward the conservative. Too many conservatives have forgotten that “conservative” and “conservation” come from the same root.

I’ll provide both reliable information and practical tips. And not just the same old tired advice you’ve seen dozens of times before. Check out my occasional series “The Cost of Convenience.” 

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  2. Refreshing perspective, easy read, lots of usable information. Right on!! Thank you!